How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

Some people spend more time in their bed room. Not only for sleep, bed room also can be the place for spend your spare time. As those function, bed room must be arranged well. It is for your comfort when you are there. This writing will explore more how to arrange a narrow bedroom.

Minimalist Narrow Bedroom in Small House Design How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

Green Wall Interior Color in Narrow Bedroom Design How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

Having Equipment Sufficiently
Many types of equipment can be placed in your bed room. At least there are six equipment must be there in your bed room. Those are bed, wardrobe, dirty clothes container, table, dressing table, and a place to hang clothes. You are better to choose a bed with not too big size. Adjust to your bed room space. Single bed is good for you who live alone. The wardrobe must be enough for your clothes. Minimalist wardrobe can be a good choice for a narrow bed room. You are better to have dirty clothes container that can be hung on the wall. There are two tables you must have: a small table will be better to be placed besides your bed and a dressing table which is better to be placed in front of your bed. The last thing is a place to hang your clothes. This is really needed for your daily activity. You can take a place back of your door or the wall which be right next to the opened door.

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Cool Teenage Narrow Bedroom in Purple Scheme How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

Blue Color Scheme in Small Kids Narrow Bedroom How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

Arrange the Lighting and Coloration
Lighting and coloration of your bed room is also the important thing. You have to provide two kinds of lamp: a lamp which can illuminate around your room and a light sleeper. It is better to sleep with dimming light. The color of your equipment must be adjusted to the color of your bed room’s wall. Be creative combining the color so that you can feel comfort there.

White Study Room in Modern Small Narrow Bedroom How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

Narrow Bedroom in Soft Yellow and White Painted How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

Narrow Bedroom and Home Office in Dark Furniture How to Arrange Narrow Bedroom

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