How to Build Indoor Gardens

Are you urban people? Usually, urban people live in small place without garden. They are living in individuals living such as in an apartment. If you urban people maybe you live in a city and faced with these environmental challenges.  Don’t worry! We have solution about your problem about urban environmental. If you just have a small space in your home or apartment, you can build your own indoor garden. You can start enjoying the benefits of indoor gardening at any scale. You can build indoor garden in your kitchen, living room, dining room, or in your basement. Of course, you must match every your need and your budget. Now, how to build indoor garden? Let’s check it out :

Decide the best place
First, you must decide the best place in your home to put the plants. Be conscious of light, temperature and environment requirements. You have access to a controlled temperature of your room, keeping your garden safe from rain and wind, and only allowing sufficient sunlight.

Modern Dining Room with Indoor Garden Plant Purifyer How to Build Indoor Gardens

Large Minimalist Living Room with Indoor Garden Plant How to Build Indoor Gardens

Some plants like bright, so you can put it near the window or choose a room with good lighting. But some plants don’t like bright light, so you should put it in your bathrooms or kitchens room are good for potting. The key is you must make sure what you’re planting in your indoor garden. Some indoor gardener usually used a thermometer to measure the temperature of the plant.

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Futuristic Vertical Indoor Garden Plant Designs How to Build Indoor Gardens

Beautiful Indoor Garden Plant for your Home How to Build Indoor Gardens

The soil is one of the important items when you starting planting. You should mix four parts potting soil with one part odorless compost. And then, place the soil and compost mixture around. Next, you can tamp down the soil a bit with your fingers to simulate the soil texture for watering.

Let starting build your own. Just info, when you build indoors garden, the plant emit oxygen into the air allowing for cleaner air that will keep your family healthy. It’s like a natural air filter in your home.

Wood Home Office Table with Indoor Garden Plant How to Build Indoor Gardens

Natural Indoor Garden Plant with Waterfall How to Build Indoor Gardens

Modern Indoor Garden Plant Herbs How to Build Indoor Gardens

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