Choosing the Colors for Your Living Room

Most people consider living room as the most important part of the house because it is supposed to be first part of the house the owner and the guest will see when they get into it. Due to this reason also, many believe that living room must be designed as impressive as possible.

Coloring the Living Room
Why, do you think, choosing color is an essential part in designing the living room? Well, in fact, colors are able to change the mood of everyone in it. Besides, the color preference also contributes a lot to create a well-done living room design. What look you want to have in your living room can also be defined from the colors.

Beautiful Blue Flowers Wall Stencils in Small Living Room Choosing the Colors for Your Living Room

There are several ways to color the living room; mix colors and match done by combine some colors into harmonious scheme, contrasting colors, and perceiving colors (create certain emotion through color choice).

Dark Blue Living Room with Modern Flowers Sofa Choosing the Colors for Your Living Room

Tips in Choosing Your Living Room Colors
To make a great living room through colors, check these following tips:

  1. Basic rule of 60/30/10. This is a standard rule of color combination. You can choose three colors with those three percentages; 60 for the dominant one, 30 for the secondary, and the rest will be the accent color. Make sure you choose the coordinating colors.
  2. Use your favorite as the main color. Rather than impressing your guests by choosing certain color, it is best to take your or your family’s favorite because you all will be the ones who enjoy the living room most of the time.
  3. Choose the color that will not hurt you eyes.
  4. Take neutral colors if you want to have a modern style in your living room
  5. Match the color scheme of the entire living room to the most noticeable piece of the room, such as the sofa.
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Original Dark Living Room Wall Color Decoration Choosing the Colors for Your Living Room

Yellow Eclectic Living Room with Colorful Carpet Choosing the Colors for Your Living Room

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