How to Clean Bathroom

Keeping a bathroom organized, neat, and tidy can feel like a losing battle. The key to keep your clean bathroom is when you clean your bath room daily. It can avoid marathons late to clean the bathroom. How do hotels can keep the bathrooms so tidy, clean, and organized? The answer is that they are always clean bathrooms every day. Don’t worry! You can transform your bathroom to be like that. Now follow these steps.

Dark Wood Wall Design in Clean Bathroom How to Clean Bathroom

Corner Awesome Tubs in Small Clean Bathroom How to Clean Bathroom

Remove unused items
Take all dirty items out of your bathroom. Dirty item includes items that are not included in the bathroom, like trash, expired product (shampoo, soap, and body treatment product), your old magazines, tissue unused.

Pour bleach liquid into the toilet bowl.
Next step is pour bleach liquid or disinfectant into the toilet and then brush inside the hole.  The bleach liquid will help you to sanitize the brush and get clean toilet area.

Artistic Wall Decor in Large Modern Clean Bathroom How to Clean Bathroom

Amazing Glass Wall Design in Small Clean Bathroom How to Clean Bathroom

Clean the walls and floors of bathroom
You can start with spraying water bleach or another disinfectant (or another cleaning product) and let it rest for a 15 up to 30 minutes, but if your walls or floors are tiles. And then rinse the surfaced to avoid any dry and stripes it with a clean rag.

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Clean the counter and sink area
After you clean walls and floor, next step is scrub all sink and counter area. You can use cotton swabs or toothbrush for getting the germ and spot out from between the handles and tap. Make sure that never to clean the counter and sink area with the same paper towel or the same rag you used to clean the toilet. If you used the same brush and rag, it can spread disease-causing germs to your sink and counter area in bathroom. You should have a specific brush and rag which use to clean only for toilet and which you use to clean another area in your bathroom.

Wood Floor in Modern and Clean Bathroom How to Clean Bathroom

White and Dark unique Clean Bathroom How to Clean Bathroom

Unique White Tubs in Modern Clean Bathroom How to Clean Bathroom

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