How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink is item often used in your home. Many people especially for woman spend their time in the kitchen area. Kitchen sink is the center of attention in your kitchen. So, kitchen sink should be clean and shinning surfaces. If you can keep it still clean and shinning, you can improve your better feeling to prepare delicious meal for our family.
Basically, you can set the timer to make a compete feel and cleaning your kitchen sink with yourself. Here’s some tricks how to clean your kitchen sink quickly and be efficient to do.

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What You Need to clean your kitchen sink?
Prepare items to begin cleaning your kitchen sink:
• Dishwashing soap (Liquid is best choice)
• Baking Soda
• Rock salt
• Distilled white vinegar
• Ice
• Old rag
• Lime and lemon
• Soft sponge or nylon sponge
• Soft toothbrush

Farm Sink Faucet in White and Dark Kitchen How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Dark Modern Kitchen Cooper Farmhouse Sinks How to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Step-by-step tutorial:
• First, especially for daily cleaning kitchen sink, you can choose nylon sponge or soft sponge and used a mild soap. It can be used to wipe your dirty kitchen sink. A glass cleaner can be used in a pinch, but it’s important to you when you cleaning kitchen sink is you must avoid bleach, abrasive cleaners, ammonia on stainless steel material. After cleaning, you should rinse and wipe the kitchen sink dry with rag or soft towel.
• Second, thoroughly rinse your kitchen sink. On daily cleaning kitchen sink, it is most important to rinse your kitchen sink after use it. The acid and salt in your foods can potentially damage for stainless steel material of kitchen sink
• Next, you must wet the entire surface of your kitchen sink, then sprinkle baking soda and brush up spotless and rinse thoroughly.
• You can use a soft toothbrush soaked with a baking soda or a mild soap. And then rinse, repeat, and wipe with a rag until clean.
• The last, put entire kitchen sink with paper towels soaked in white vinegar. You should allow for 30 minutes, and then dispose of the paper towels. You can add one cup of white vinegar and wait for 10 minutes while you boil of water. Then it has boiled, pour it down. Cut a lemon or lime and wet entire kitchen sink with the lime, that make it smell nice.
• And next you must cleaning the handles and faucets with a mild soapy. A toothbrush can be used to brush in difficult area.  Your kitchen sink now be clean.

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