Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

Furniture Selection
Small house types will usually directly proportional to the bedroom provided. The selection of appropriate furniture is important so that the bedrooms still feels comfortable to be occupied. Among others:
1. Selection of the closet
Solid cabinet surely becomes the main consideration in order to be durable. However with the room which is relatively narrow, it must be chosen the slim closet, and the most important is that it can maximize its function to store the clothes. If it’s difficult to find the desired closet, we can order it, we measure the space for the desired closet, and we leave it to crafter of cabinet maker, then we will get a wardrobe fit with our needs.
2. Bedroom
If using a bed, choose one that is not made of thick material so that it takes up space. Or if only using the mattress, choose a pliable so that it can be folded or hidden behind a cupboard when it’s not used.
3. Dressing Table
The existence of dressing table for women is so important. With the narrow room, choose the small dressing table, the important thing is that you can dress up sufficiently.
4. Wall Paint
Selected paint color will also give the impression of the room atmosphere. For the narrow room, choose paint color which is bright but soft, which will give the feeling of spacious and wider than the room.
5. Room Door
To add the spacious feeling and maximize the use of room space, you can consider to choose the sliding doors. By using the sliding doors, then the furniture needed can be maximized because it can be close to the door.

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Modern Small Bedroom in Red an Grey Colors Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

Green Small Bedroom in Modern Apartment Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

Furniture Arrangement
After choosing the suitable furniture, then in its arrangement, it must be done carefully and diligently, so that it can be suitable to its purpose with the purpose to cause the broad effect in the narrow room. Place the dressing table in the side that allows you to have activity in the morning when preparing to start the activity. And what should be ensured is the arrangement of room furniture must remain to give the space of light to enter maximally from the room window. Do not let the window closed, because it will affect to the health of its inhabitants.

Corner Wood Cabinets in Small Bedroom Design Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

Bright Small Bedroom with Tree Wall Art Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

The narrow room indeed will not be suddenly made to be large, but with the arrangement which is good, it hopes that the small room remains to be able to be the place to release fatigue and give the peace for its inhabitants.

White and Dark Brown Small Bedroom Interiors Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

Warm Decoration in Soft Small Bedroom Decoration Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

Teenage Small Bedroom in Blue and White Comfortable Tiny Bedroom

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