How to Create a Vertical Garden

Garden is very important in a house. Why is it important? Plants and flowers that are planted at the garden influence the aesthetic side of a house. Besides, a garden is useful since it is a place to relax and to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Awesome Vertical Garden with Glass Wall Designs How to Create a Vertical Garden

Awesome Vertical Garden in Modern Office How to Create a Vertical Garden

Usually people tend to create a horizontal garden to their house because they can place many plants or flowers on it. But, some houses do not have a big area create it. A wall at the front or back of the house can be used to make a vertical garden. What is vertical garden? It is a garden using wall to place the plants or flowers. It is such a good way to overcome the limitation of a land.

Large Library with Modern Green Vertical Garden How to Create a Vertical Garden

Green Vertical Garden in Modern Living Rooms How to Create a Vertical Garden

Are you interested in creating a vertical garden? Below are some ways that you have to prepare:
1.  Wall
A vertical garden uses wall to place the plants. Choose a wall at your house that is suitable to create a vertical garden. If it is indoor, make sure that it gets a good sunlight.
2.  Pots
Plant on a pot is usually chosen for a vertical garden. You can decide your favorite plants to be placed on the pot. If you already have a pot at home, you can renew it by coloring it.
3.  Use pot hangers
You can buy some pot hangers or you can make it by yourself. A pot hanger is usually made from wood, so it is easy to find.
4.  Plants
Choose some plants that are suitable for a vertical garden. It can be colorful coleus, orchid, lily, and so on.
5.  How to water it?
If the plants are easy to reach, you can just water them by a watering can. But, if the plants are too high to reach, you need a hose to do it.

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Vertical Garden Walls in Modern Office Layout How to Create a Vertical Garden

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Modern House Designs with Green Vertical Garden How to Create a Vertical Garden

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