Decorating Master Bedroom

Each country has different type of house. For example, in America, each house certain has one master bedroom and some small bedrooms. The small bedrooms are for children and guests; the master one of course for parents. Usually, each bedrooms designed according to the owner; teenage girl bedroom certain different with bedroom for boy under 5. So the master one usually designed according to the owner’s taste.

Dark Tree Murals in Modern Master Bedroom Decorating Master Bedroom

Asian Wood Edge Bed in Modern Master Bedroom Decorating Master Bedroom

Comfortable Edge Wood Bed in Simple Master Bedroom Decorating Master Bedroom

Because the master room is occupied by adults, the design usually calm and full of dark—but it is not always like that. Most of master room has designed following some themes. Usually, the themes are based on color. Most of this room’s themes are colored dark blue, red, and of course born like wood.

Elegant Master Bedroom Design with Modern Beddings Decorating Master Bedroom

Luxury White Edge Beds in Minimalist Master Bedroom Decorating Master Bedroom

Romantic Master Bedroom Decors in Luxury Brown Decorating Master Bedroom

If you want to decorate your master bedroom, you can follow this advice. Choose curtain which match with the bed cover; if your bed cover colored red, you can choose black, orange, or straw colored for curtain, or just choose red. If your room’s theme is brown, choose light brown for the paint, dark brown for cover bed, and carpet which has same color like the wall paint. The most important is quietness because adult like to take a rest in quiet condition.

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White Master Bedroom with Luxury Corner Bookshelf Decorating Master Bedroom

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