Designing a Garden, What to Do?

Garden is often chosen to decorate a house; which can be placed in front of, besides, or behind the house. A garden full of plants and/or trees will not only decorate a house; but it can raise more benefits; such as the production of clean air for the surroundings or even foodstuff. There are a lot of ways which can be applied to design a garden; but what to do first?

Beautiful Purple Plants in Simple Garden Design Designing a Garden, What to Do?

Asian Garden Design in Backyard Designing a Garden, What to Do?

#1 What is Your Purpose?
The first point you should think about is the main purpose of your designing a garden. Is it just for decoration or else? This purpose will inspire anything you are going to have in your garden.

If your intention is creating beneficial garden, you ought to focus on choosing herbs, fruit trees, and other advantageous plants; rather than just having flower plants and grass. Herbs can be used for natural medicine whilst fruit trees allow you to harvest your own food stock. Shady trees are also considered profitable to provide you fresh air and cool breeze during the day.

Meanwhile, if your aim on designing garden is more on aestheticism; you should focus more on how the plants are arranged, how the outdoor furniture look like, and other things related to style.

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Large Beautiful Green Garden Design Designing a Garden, What to Do?

Cute and Beautiful Backyard Garden Design Designing a Garden, What to Do?

#2 Creating the Scale Model
After determining your garden’s main aim, it is the time to create the scale model; or in other words, planning everything which you are going to put on your garden-will-be.
What should you include on that plan? There should be at least two points as follow:
• Budget. Set the budget based on the available fund allocated for garden designing. It can also be made after identifying what you needs for the garden and price survey. However, set the budget at the very beginning will help you manage your expenditure better.
• Lay out. Where will you place the fruit trees, walkways, bench, and other elements of you garden? Draw it carefully on your layout plan to ensure that everything is organized tidily and aesthetically.

Spring Garden Design Ideas Designing a Garden, What to Do?

Round Table and Chairs Furniture in Small Garden Design Designing a Garden, What to Do?

Outdoor Lounge with Sweet Garden Design Designing a Garden, What to Do?

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