Designs of Landscape Plants

People always associate landscape with plants. But what do you think of landscaping without plants? Is it possible? Yes, it is 100% possible for you to do landscaping without involving plants even though it might sound quite strange for most people. But a lot of people just do not know that landscaping without plants actually could help save your budget because plants need water and fertilizers to live and you obviously need to plan some budget on that one.

When it comes to a good landscape, you should ask yourself what you want. Do you actually want a garden that is rather quiet so it could be your retreat place? Or you want a full-on entertaining space for your family? Utilize some designs of landscape to get what you really want for your outdoor space.

Classic Garden Design with Wood Outdoor Lounge Floor Designs of Landscape Plants

Beautiful Wood Garden Design Backyard Designs of Landscape Plants

Some designs of landscape that usually involve minimal planting are Zen gardens, patios, children’s play areas, mosaic designs, workspaces, utilitarian outdoor rooms, and also walkways. Some people even add some interest to their yards by designing pebble gardens and dry riverbeds.

Large Green Garden Design Ideas Designs of Landscape Plants

Dark Corner Sofa in Small Simple Garden Design Designs of Landscape Plants

The major key point if you want to successfully design your landscape is to use your imagination well. There are plenty of non-living materials you could use. Start to select the materials you want and try imagining what you could do with them.
If you are still confused of what materials you could use, here is a list of material references you could try finding around you. But of course this should not stop you from choosing other pieces that are not included on this list. Have fun!
•     Marbles
•     Mulches
•     Industrial vinyl scraps
•     Pebbles
•     Colorful broken pottery
•     Gravel
•     Flagstone
•     Sand
•     Slate pieces
•     Bark
•     wood
•     Tiles
•     Bricks

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Wood Outdoor Lounge in Simple Green Garden Design Designs of Landscape Plants

Warm Outdoor Lounge in Beautiful Garden Design Designs of Landscape Plants

Rattan Sofa in Beautiful Green Garden Design Designs of Landscape Plants

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