How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

Among so many home improvement projects which can be done by yourselves, painting is not a favorite choice. It is because the job requires you to deal with messy and wet substances, which most definitely difficult to be removed from unwanted surfaces as the result of accidental splash. However, achieving the perfect and less messy result on your newly painted wall is not impossible. Here are some tricks you need to know.

Dark ELegant Outdoor Lounge Decoration How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

Awesome White Paint in Modern Beach House How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

First of all, you have to be well equipped with the proper painting tools. Paint roller, brushes with different sizes to cover different surfaces, tape, and sand paper are some of the important tools you have to prepare before starting the project. Sand trim the wall first before priming and create the preferred texture will be needed before start applying your first paint brush. If you’re sure the surface is smooth or maybe have achieved the required texture, you can start by roll paint the edges to create a consistent texture. Don’t forget to tape the edges to protect it from overlapping paint.

Modern Loft Apartment in Soft White Colors How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

Loft Apartment in Soft White Painted How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

There is a big chance that you will possibly need to paint the wall into several layers for a bold color. The best way to do it is by roll paint the wall from top to bottom. For a full surface painting result, it can be a great idea to start by painting the corners and edges first so you can smoothly roll paint the middle part. Roll paint is preferable because it helps to cover wider surface, while helping you to apply the paint evenly. You may need to stir the paint once and a while to avoid blotchy texture, and sand trim the surface before applying the last coat for smooth result. It may need a little try and error, but with good preparation process, you will be able to achieve a satisfying result.

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White and Yellow Dining Room Interior Paint How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

Small Aquare Rooms in Soft Dark and White How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

Modern WHite Home Interior with Fireplace How To Get The Flawless Paint Job

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