How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

You have a garden, but it is small and you want make it looks bigger. There are some tricks to help you make it look bigger and feel more inviting.

Choose the Color – Warm or bright colors (red, yellow and orange) for instance that you feel closer from what you see. Cool colors (green, blue and purple) made the distance from the object. The way is using plant that has bright colors in front while plant with cool colors in the back. This way the cool colors will turn the garden looks into extended view than it does and bigger. This trick could works not only for plants but also walls or another object, for example. You can change the paint your walls in the dark colors or you can put dark colored object in the back.

Outdoor Kitchen Design in Small Garden How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

Green Simple Small Garden in Front Yard How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

Choose the Furniture – The outdoor furniture is just the same like indoor furniture; if it is too big or cost most of the area and occupies most of the room and made it look smaller. But if it is tiny it could be turned out your garden will look much smaller. Use the furniture that doesn’t cut your vision. Chair which is made from woven material could be the best choice.

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Make Some Mirror Effect – The easiest way to make your garden look bigger is using large mirror. You can also use the water to reflect the surround things, or you can use both water and mirror to create an endless canal. But there are two things you have to keep on your mind before put a permanent mirror. Use a large mirror that meant for outdoor or special made which will not affected by weather. Second, put your mirror not faced directly to sunlight or made you blind when you look at it. Worse cases you will get a ray of light directly point to your home or neighbor.

Dark Rattan Furniture with Beautiful Small Garden How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

Beautiful Small Garden with Luxury Outdoor Lounge How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

Use Smaller and Fewer Materials – Use small material to pave your garden, for example small stone tiles and small stone gravel. Do not use too small material; it will make your garden look smaller. Too many materials will create chaos and cluttered look. Too few materials will make it look boring. It is good to use a few materials of different sizes and textures which proportional to the area.

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Create Shadow Effect with Lightning – Do not plant a big tree; it will close the area from the sunlight which means less light and dark. Use specific types of lights that will make different accent, for example, light which have specify for down to light the sitting area and light which have specify for ground to light a way in your garden. The correct balance of light will light up the area effectively.

Choose the Plant Size – Mix the plant sizes but chose wisely, do not use too many plants; it will fill the area and give the cluttered look. Check the mature size of the plant and choose the one that appropriate to your space. You can also create the height by using a vertical plant method, which plant vertically. For example, using a climbing vine at trellis or ring fence or you can create a wall plant.

Create a Small Path – Make a path which curvy, so you don’t see end of the path. Curvy path will appear to maintain the corner and make the garden looks have continues path.

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Leave Some Area Empty– By using fewer objects and give more visible soil area, the area will more attracting and less disordered. A simplest way to make some a space is by put the pots in a group in just one area or maximum two areas.

Small Garden Designs with Stairs Lighting How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

Simple Green Outdoor Small Garden Ideas How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

Outdoor Kitchen Dining Room in Small Garden How to Make a Little Garden Look Bigger

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