Make Your Garden More Functional

A garden is not just a garden if you actually get some thing more than a common garden could offer. People always think that a garden is usually to build some kind of landscape at your home. So, it is mainly for the appearance and entertainment purposes. However, if you think smart enough, you would realize that a garden has so much potential we have to dig in. Some people have actually started this thing a long time ago when they plant their gardens with not only flowers and trees but also some edible plants like fruits and vegetables. This way, a garden could have two functions wrapped in one.

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What Kinds of Plants
You might think that there are so many plants but so little space at your home. However, as long as you know exactly what you want and need, there is no kind of problem you have to face. Do you like to cook? Ask yourself what kinds of ingredient you use constantly. They would be the perfect choices for your little home garden. And if you have kids for instance, try asking them what types of plant they want to grow and would like to eat.

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Pumpkins would be a great option. Mini pumpkin is a very great kind especially if you do not have too much space in your garden. You could even use some of them for your Halloween preparation? Other than pumpkins, you could also try some sunflowers, corn, carrots, chives, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Involve Kids
Gardening is such a great activity especially for kids. You could help them learn about plants and how to plant them. Choosing the right tools for them is something really important. Start with mini shovels, trowels, and hoes. By including children, you actually contribute in increasing their physical activities.

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