Garden in Small House

Garden is part of the house which can give the owner of the house and probably the guest of the house, relax sensation. Its major color, which is usually green, make people who are there feel relax and fresh. Some gardens even have fishpond. The fishpond will give another relax sensation. It also will make the atmosphere of the garden more alive.
Unfortunately, not all people have house with garden. One of the reasons is probably because of the space of the house. The space is not large enough. It probably makes the owner does not consider about garden by make a house full of rooms. There is no garden in the house. For those who have small space and still want to have garden in the house, here are some of the tips to make a garden in your small house.

Luxury Outdoor DIning in Finished Small Home Garden Garden in Small House

Beautiful Flowers in Small Home Garden Garden in Small House

1.  Size of the garden
In the small size house, it is better to count the size of the garden. You cannot have a big garden in small house if you do not want the garden displace your main rooms. Small garden is enough. It still can give you relax sensation and fresh atmosphere. If you want to give fishpond in it, adjust it with the size of the garden and the plants. It is better to have more plants in your garden. You can replace the fishpond with aquarium if fishpond is not possible to be put in your garden. The aquarium with fish in it and the sound of aquarium water will also give you more alive atmosphere.

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Awesome Family Space in Patio Small Home Garden Garden in Small House

Amazing Outdoor Small Home Garden Pergola Garden in Small House

2.  Location of the garden
You can put your garden not only in front or back or side of your house. If having garden in front or back or side of your house seems not possible, then put your garden inside of your house. You can have your garden near the kitchen. The plants in the garden will help you to filter the smoke from the kitchen. You can also put the garden near your bedroom or living room. The garden will give you fresh atmosphere when you are in your bedroom or living room.

Wildlife Small Home Garden Habitat Garden in Small House

Small Home Garden with Victorian House Garden in Small House

Outdoor Dining with Umbrela in Small Home Garden Garden in Small House

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