How to Glaze Your Windows

There is no fun if a person does not have any DIY skills whatsoever. That is because those kinds of skill are actually really important especially in economical condition like right now. No matter how simple your DIY skills are, they would come in handy at times. Skill of glazing a window, for instance, is fading into history just because now people mostly purchase double or triple pane windows that are not DIY friendly. However, if you live in an older home, your glazing skill would definitely be very useful as the home most likely comes with single pane windows.

Small Corner Home Office with WHite Luxury Window How to Glaze Your Windows

Imaginative Green and WHite Home Office with Cute Window How to Glaze Your Windows

If you have got the window panes replacement, make sure you put it correctly. The glass cannot be too close to the dimensions of sash and if you got a perfect square and straight sash, you have to manage it so the clearance between the dimension of the glass and the dimension of the sash would be no less than 1/8 inch. However, if you are not quite sure about the window sash, you could give it half the ledge width your glass rests on.

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Cozy White Home Office with Large Wood Window How to Glaze Your Windows

First, remove the broken glass from your window. Chip out all the compound of the old glazing. Prepare the new glazing compound and warm it up by palm-rolling it. Make it into tiny ropes. Press the compound into the ledge where the glass rests against. Carefully press in the pane of the glass. Use a putty knife to press glazier’s points into the sash. Use two glazier’s points on each side if you have small windows. Turn over the sash and add more glazing compound. You also have to pull a crisp line formed between the excess compound and the new window seal. It takes several weeks for this to dry up.

Warm White Home Office with Soft Glass Window How to Glaze Your Windows

Stunning Home Office with Large Glass Window How to Glaze Your Windows

Small Wood Home Office with Luxury Window How to Glaze Your Windows

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