Go Green Kitchen

Nowadays, global warming is one of the most important issues in the world. People are less aware to their environment. Actually, in doing our daily activities we also give contribution for global warming. Some of the causes of global warming are the use of plastics, electricity, carbon dioxide from vehicles, and many more. Even the detergent that we use to wash our dishes and clothes can cause global warming.
Kitchen is one of the places in our house that give contribution to global warming. Of course we want a better life and better world. It is one of the reasons for us to change our habit. We can change our habit from the simple but important place like kitchen in our house. Here are some tips to have a go green kitchen.

Inspiring Green Cabinets in Modern White Kitchen Go Green Kitchen

Cozy Lighting in Modern Green Kitchen Interior Go Green Kitchen

1.  Reduce
Reduce the use of electricity. One of the easiest ways is not putting hot stuff in refrigerator because putting hot stuff in refrigerator can consume more electricity. Reduce the use of water heater. Just turn it on when you need it. Turn the light in your kitchen off when you do not use the kitchen. Use oven and microwave with less energy consumption.

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Beautiful Neat Calm Green Kitchen Decoration Go Green Kitchen

Awesome Soft Green Scheme in Modern Kitchen Dining Room Go Green Kitchen

2.  Replace
Replace things in your kitchen which consume more energy with things which are friendly for the environment. You can use thermos bottle to keep your hot water instead of water heater or dispenser. Replace your rice cooker with pressure pan. Pressure pan can be used to cook rice. If you cook the rice with pressure pan you are not only save the energy but also time. Cooking with rice cooker will need time more or less 45 minutes until 1 hour while cooking with pressure pan will need 15 minutes only. Replace your detergent with the eco-friendly detergent. It is not only friendly for the environment but also friendly for our health.

Sweet White and Green Kitchen Dining Room Go Green Kitchen

Soft Green Scheme in Modern Kitchen Interiors Go Green Kitchen

Small Green and Simple Kitchen Dining Room Go Green Kitchen

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