Some Ideas for Creative Framing

Decorative items are always the ones that successfully draw more attention from your guests. That is why you should probably find an idea to make those items more attractive, starting with finding the right material for them. Of course there are so many decorative items in your home. However, who could resist admiring some family portraits or paintings? It does make sense though because those things would likely be hanged on eye level or above.

Beautiful Black Grand Canyon Wall Art Some Ideas for Creative Framing

Artistic Abstract Wall Art Painting Some Ideas for Creative Framing

Making the Pieces More Appealing
You could turn a boring old painting into an attractive piece of art if you put it in a unique frame. Of course it is not an easy task to find it because when you face a wide range of selection, you probably cannot make the right choice. That is why personal crafting could be the solution for your problem. Make sure you find the right material for it.

Classy Persian Wall Art Frame Some Ideas for Creative Framing

Classic Frog Cooking Wood Wall Art Painting Some Ideas for Creative Framing

The Options
There are at least two main types of material people commonly use. Those are antique wood and also glass. If you want to stick to the vintage feel of your interior, antique wood would be the best option for your picture frames. You could even make them on your own. Just go to some hardware or craft stores and pick reclaimed wood. However, if you do not want to waste your money and hope to be able to add more rustic look to it, you could pull off some wood of fence or even an old barn. Leave it unfinished if you like.

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If you prefer some modern look, you could try a unique way to frame your picture or paint which is to use two pieces of glass unframed. The picture would definitely stand out more. However, if you want to make it special, you could paint wood frames yourself.

Red Living Room Painting with Wood Wall Art Some Ideas for Creative Framing

Modern Living Room with Purple and White Wall Art Some Ideas for Creative Framing

Flowers Wall Art Framed for Living Room Some Ideas for Creative Framing

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