How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Kitchen is just a small part in our home, but it is very important to keep it clean because anything that we eat is from there. Lack of cleaning can cause many diseases such as diarrhea and food poisoning which for some cases could endanger our family lives. There are some simple tips to keep it clean in short time.

Adjust Your Schedule – Having a lot of kid means a lot of dishes to do, but this also means you can ask them to participate in your cleaning work. If you cannot manage this you can also separate your work, maybe 10 minutes after lunch and 10 minutes later in the noon. You can arrange the schedule for 30 days for the extra task such as mop the floor, check the trash can, clean the refrigerator, and so on.

Do the Dishes, Sweeping and Clean the Surfaces are Everyday Routine – This means you are doing these works everyday. They are essential to keep your sanity and to keep on your schedule. But it is also okay if you give yourself a break one day, no one will notice if you don’t sweep your floor for a day.

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Chic Refrigerator in Wood Simple Kitchen Design How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Chic Kitchen Designs with High Gloss How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Set a Reminder – For example a timer, alarm on cell phone or maybe you can put some notes in places you will easily see and remind you for your small task. With a lot of distraction everyday at home, for example bell ringing, your little baby suddenly crying; it is easy for someone to forget the things they have to do. The reminder will help you to do your job effectively.

Contemporary Kitchen with White Decoration How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Clean and Small Kitchen with Fancy Marble Countertop How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Some task will require more time than the others. You can manage it by ordering food to minimize the dishes or you can just eat outside so you will have no dishes to do at all. This will help a lot if you have something important to do. If you want a day off without cleaning, you can wait for the weekend to clean everything up but this is not practical if you have a large kitchen. The smaller one will do. By using the simple schedule, you will have a clean kitchen for 30 days in a month, with a short time to clean up everyday.

White and Blue Luxury Kitchen Interior Colors How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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Large Interesting Kitchen with Glass Doors How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

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