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Living room is a room in the house where you meet the family members in relax situation. It is also a place where you receive your guests. A living room should not only beautiful, neat and clean, but also give us relax sensation when we are there. The comfortable living room is a living room that will make you feel relax and alive when you are there. The living room will make you more living.

To have a living room that can make all the family members feel comfortable, there are some things that you have to consider. Consider about the design and the decoration of the living room that are suitable for the family members. Every member has their own characteristics. Select the design and the decoration which can be matching to all the family members. Here are some tips to choose the design and decoration for your living room.

Romantic Living Room in Soft Blue Scheme A Living, Living Room

Glass Small Table in White Luxury Living Room A Living, Living Room

1.  Design
Choose a living room design which is appropriate to all family members. Natural concept will be suitable for the parents and children. You can make a living room near the garden. The atmosphere of the garden will not only good for the parents but also the children. If you do not have garden, you can create your own natural concept. For example have a paint wall with natural colors. The natural colors then are combined with matching decorations.

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Simple Modern Living Room in Romantic Styles A Living, Living Room

Warm Grey Cottage Living Room Designs A Living, Living Room

2.  Decoration
Select the decorations which are matching to all of the family members. The decoration is also should be matching to the concept that you want to have in your living room. For natural concept, you can use some natural decorations like using furniture which is made of wood. Put an aquarium with its water sound will make your living room feel more alive. A painting on the wall will also give you different atmosphere. Choose a painting which is suitable with the concept of the living room.

Brown Classy Leather Sofa in Yellow Living Room A Living, Living Room

Dark Classy Walls in Modern Loft Living Room A Living, Living Room

Elegant Blue and White Asian Living Room Design A Living, Living Room

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