How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

Louvered Doors Give You the Safety at Home
Louvered door is a door consisting of some wood foursquare pieces that are arranged horizontally from the floor and all of pieces have the same thickness. Those doors are designed to manage the air current while it is providing sufficient safety and privacy to the people and things. This kind of door is often seen in the cupboard and cabinet which let the air go in and go out from the cabinet. This door is initially used to keep rain and snow. However, the function of this door is to be the air ventilation and keeping the safety of the things. The look of the door is quite natural because it usually has brown color. For people who do not like that color, they can paint it with another color.

Tropical Kitchen with Classic Wood Louvered Doors How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

Tropical Bedroom with Luxury Wood Louvered Doors How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

Traditional Laundry Room with White Louvered Doors How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

Beach Kitchen Styles with Corner Louvered Doors Cabinet How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

The Steps of Making Your Own Louvered Doors
Louvered door can be made by your self without getting difficulties. We need to prepare some materials and tools needed to create the door. To make this door, we need to get the materials needed such as wood square pieces that would be door framework. We also need some essential tools of woodworking such as screw driver, paper, paint, saw and many more. The next step is designing the Louvered door. It starts to build door’s frame. We make sure that the door’s frame is enough to put the wood chip. After making door’s frame, we can put the wood chips into the hole of the door. The last step is finishing the door. We paint the door with the desirable paints. After the paint is dried, we tighten the outside side of the door. We can use screw driver to tighten the door. After affixing hardware, we can put door’s frame and test it. The test is done by swinging it for times.

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Wood Louvered Doors in Small Modern bathroom How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

Wood Classic Louvered Doors Cabinets in Classy Entry How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

White Louvered Doors Cabinets in Farmhouse Kitchen How to Make Your Own Louvered Doors

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