Making Basement Brighter

Basement is naturally dark due t its location under the ground. It will also have just a few opening such as windows and in many houses, it often not properly lit. But what happen when the basement is brighter and will not be too dark or too gloomy? Certainly some people aim for this kind of basement because it will become more comfortable to be used. It is something possible and there will be several things to be done in order to make basement a brighter place. Try to apply these tricks below and see just how the result will be.

Dark Corner Sofa in Modern Small Basement Making Basement Brighter

Classic Brick Wall Design in Small Basement Making Basement Brighter

The Easiest Step
In the easies step, people will be able to try clearing the area around the ground of basement. The most important things to be removed are the ones that will obstruct light such as trees, shrubs or any other plants or maybe the other things that may obstruct the lights. Cleaning up the surroundings will be the first easy step; there will be several other steps that will be started with painting the walls with the softer or lighter colors and also using the flooring such as floor tiles with the lighter or the softer colors.

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Modern Kitchen Dining Room in Large Basement Making Basement Brighter

Large Family Room in Contemporary Basement Making Basement Brighter

Other Necessary Steps
The other steps that will be necessary will include the perfect decoration layout. This will include the correct placement of furniture such as cabinets, rugs, and a lot others. Using the dark ornaments such as paintings, wallpaper trims or moldings on walls will help to brighten up the basement. But remember that the main color will need to be the brighter colors and the darker ones are just playing the role of ornaments of beautification. When choosing lighting, it will be better to use table lamps and also the indirect lighting to make the atmosphere even more pleasant.

Wood Floor Design in Large Contemporary Basement Making Basement Brighter

Soft Cream Sofa Sets in Modern Basement Making Basement Brighter

Modern Wall TV in Small Exciting Basement Making Basement Brighter

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