How to Make a Mini Wine Cellar

For some people who love wine, a wine cellar could be an expensive thing to build. It cost a lot of money for the room or space and the refrigerator. But here we will give you a solution for that; a mini wine cellar. It really is cheap and efficient. It only cost you $1600; $500 for entry-level wine cooling system for example ChillR, $600 for properly-insulated doors to replace your closet doors, $500 for everything else and a closet which you will turn into your mini wine cellar. Here are some requirements you will meet.

Capacity Requirements – Take the time for around a year; you will buy 15 cases of wine. Those amount will be consumed for next one or two years. Including some “special” wine you want to keep in the mini refrigerator, you can build up to 200 bottles storage. It is quite a lot; basically you built it only in a closet.

Classic Wine Cellar near Staircase How to Make a Mini Wine Cellar

Classic Elegant Wine Cellar Rooms How to Make a Mini Wine Cellar

Amazing Wood Cabinets in Classic Wine Cellar How to Make a Mini Wine Cellar

System Requirements – Wine should be kept at constant temperature of 60 degrees for long term storage. For short term storage, there are some terms that can destroy a wine. First, the constant exposure of UV lights. This problem already solved since you built your cellar in the closet. Second, rapid and/or extreme temperature changes. The temperature in the closet is fairly stable because it is on the ground floor with all the interior walls and a little temperature change would be OK, even a larger temperature change would be acceptable as long as it took a long time to move the thermometer. Third is the humidity. The cellar will need to be humidified and you can use a room humidifier.

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Other Requirements – If you consider that you want to sell the house someday, it is better to have anything not permanent so you can disassemble your wine cellar later. The new owner probably wants a coat closet instead of wine cellar.

White Table in Wood Rustic Wine Cellar How to Make a Mini Wine Cellar

Rustic Dark Wine Cellar with Wood Table How to Make a Mini Wine Cellar

Mediterranean Wine Cellar with Classy Brick Walls How to Make a Mini Wine Cellar

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