Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

Bathroom is part of rooms in your house where you clean or wash your body to feel fresh. The bathroom has to be comfortable for those who are in it. We still can have a comfortable bathroom in a simple house. The design of the bathroom can affect people in the bathroom.

There are some designs of bathroom in the magazines and internet that you can find. The bathroom designs can be modern, traditional, natural, tropical, and many other designs. Just select the design that you want. Some people think that modern bathroom design is only for modern home. Modern bathroom is suitable both for modern home and simple home. The key is on the way you create the modern style in your bathroom. Here are some tricks to create a modern bathroom in your simple home.

Glass Modern Bathroom Design in Red Schemes Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

Blue and White Color Scheme in Simple Modern Bathroom Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

1.  Colors picking
Colors combination affects the atmosphere of the bathroom. Choose colors combination like black and white, black and grey, blue and grey for your modern bathroom. The only white color is also suitable for those who want to have modern bathroom with clean and neat look. The colors choice is matched with the lighting. It is not only colors that can affect the atmosphere of the bathroom, but also the lighting of the bathroom.

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Kids Modern Bathroom with Cute Blue Tubs Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

Green Modern Bathroom Design with White Tub Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

2.  Decoration
You still can add decoration in your modern bathroom. The decoration will not ruin your modern style bathroom.  It will make your bathroom not only more beautiful, but also attractive. The decorations that you can use for your bathroom are like small plants and wall decoration. You can hang a painting in your bathroom wall. Add also one or two small green plants in your bathroom. The plants will make your bathroom fresher. You will also get relax and fresh sensation in your bathroom. You can add other decorations that suitable with your personality, but make sure the decorations that you choose still make your bathroom look neat and clean.

Soft Blue Modern Bathroom with Glass Door Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

Pink and White Modern Bathroom with Luxury Bath Tub Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

Large Modern Bathroom with Artistic Ceramics Modern Bathroom in Simple Home

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