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I have self-published three novels under my pen name, Erin Eastham. If you happen to read them, I would love to hear from you! Please also check out my Facebook page.

Vote for me!

Vote for me!

Breaking news! My novel Heaven Refused is up for nomination on Kindle Scout! Kindle Scout is a new program that allows prospective readers to nominate books for publication by Amazon. If you’d like to read an excerpt and possibly vote for Heaven Refused, take a look here.





The Balance

Anyone would be lucky to live in the Balance, where the Algorithm determines the optimal use of all resources, ensuring nothing is wasted and no one goes hungry. The Cadres work tirelessly to maintain their orderly society, but in their wisdom, the Leadership understands that not everyone was meant to devote a lifetime to work. Those unsuited to Cadre culture can choose Vivant, and live a life of creative freedom and unfettered desire. The only price: while the Cadres live as long as the latest technologies permit, the Vivants bid the world farewell at 40. Ravenna is facing her eighteenth birthday and her Choosing ceremony with increasing anxiety. She knows choosing Cadre is the only logical decision, and her own future looks exceedingly bright. Her boyfriend, Tace, feels differently. He wants to live for music, and the future is too distant and abstract to ever pose an obstacle. Ravenna must decide whether she can live with his choice or live without him. Willem has always believed in the Balance and understood the need for the limitations on Vivants; the Algorithm determines these things and the Algorithm is what keeps their world functioning. Yet when the time comes for his best friend Ozzie to attend his own Farewell ceremony, it affects Willem in ways he could not have anticipated. His life threatens to go off the rails as he reconsiders everything he thought he knew about the Balance.



Among the JoyfulAmong the Joyful

A YA novel set in a near-future where displaying negative emotion is a violation of the social norm:

Everyone knows that it’s a citizen’s duty to smile; negative emotion is a social contagion, an aggressive act against society. For Alaire Larkin, staying positive has never been a problem. Born into a prominent family, Alaire is a star student and a member of her school’s Joyful Court. Her future promises only happiness and a lifetime of service to the State, until the day she uncovers a secret world of emotions she never knew existed. Alaire knows she must forget what she has learned or run the risk of internal exile. It should be easy. All she has to do is smile.

The Waking WorldThe Waking World

A group of people with unusual talents tries to save the world from the impending plague–think Heroes meets Jericho with a dash of Days of our Lives for good measure:

Helena has always been granted glimpses of the future in her dreams, but something has changed. If what she’s seeing is true, everyone she loves is in danger. Seeking answers, she walks into Serendipity and instead finds new friends…and new questions. Violet, the fortunate one. Leo, who knows your secrets. Maeve, who hears what’s coming. Jack, who’s barely there. And Ash, who has the most terrifying secret of all.

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