How to Paint Your Home

Dressing up your home could not always be done from the inside out. You could also start it from the outside in. And the easy way to start it all out is by doing some external painting because let’s just face it; painting walls is really fun when you do it on your own. Plus, of course with the new paint coat, your home would look more appealing and add some freshness when people look at it from the outside. Are you ready for some wall paintings? Here are a couple of tips for you.

Colorful Floor Scheme in Modern Meeting Room How to Paint Your Home

Bright Green Modern Living Room Interior Schemes How to Paint Your Home

Paint is a hard-to-clean substance. So, it is better if you cover all kinds of thing you need to protect. Things like plants and also some units of air conditioning are things you definitely need to cover before you start the process of the painting. Protect them with drop cloths or tarps. If you have shrubs or trees, at least tie them back before. Also, do not forget to close all the windows and take the shutters off your house. And after that, you could start filling any cracks or holes with putty and then sand them down. Scrub the surface thoroughly.

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Blue Soft Kids Bedroom Interior Schemes How to Paint Your Home

Awesome Purple and White Kids Bedroom painting How to Paint Your Home

How to Do it
If you want your gutters and trims to be painted with different colors than your walls, you need to paint them all first. When you have finished, you could begin painting the walls. Start from the corners around the trim and move to the main part of the walls. Paint it from the top and brush toward you. Go left to right. After one section is done, you need to start from the other side and start panting right to left. Basically, you paint it from the edges to the center of the wall. After that, left it dried off.

Soft Artistic Blue Wall Painting in Modern Living Room How to Paint Your Home

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Soft White and Gray Wall Colors in Master Bedrooms How to Paint Your Home

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