How to Rebuild the Toilet Tank

Bathroom is one of the important parts in your house. The cleanliness becomes the most important thing for the bathroom. All of the parts in the bathroom should be clean and in a good condition. Sometimes, the toilet tank is in trouble. Do you have a problem with your toilet tank? Sometimes the water that turns out from the toilet tank keeps running with noises. You don’t need to buy a new closet. Mostly, repairing the toilet tank is easy and quick. What you have to do is just replacing the inner parts of the toilet tank. Here are some steps to do it:

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1. Stop the Water
First, you have to stop the water on the closet. You can find the button at the base of it. Keep stopping with that button until there is no water in that closet.

2. Make it empty
Make the closet empty by flushing it until all the water turns out. After that, use a towel or sponge to wipe out the water.

3. Disconnect the tank
You can remove the bolts that you can find on the inside the bottom of the closet. Use the screwdriver to remove it.

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4. Install the valve
Apply the valve carefully. Push it to the hole, and turn the locking ring tightly. It is useful to keep the water on its place.

5. Reinstall the Tank
It is important to make sure the water that turn out when it is flushed. You can turn on the water by turning the clockwise. It is located at the base of the toilet tank. Try to flush the water.

Those are the steps that you must do. To rebuild the toilet tank is such a better way rather than buying the new one. You can save your money by learning to do it by yourself. By doing those steps, you will not hear water that keeps flushing on your toilet tank.

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