How to Remodel the Attic

Typically, the attic is used for storing old goods, like old children’s toys or old home furnishings. Now, what if babies are growing up and there is no more room left to get them their own room? You can use the attic as the room and make it a minimalist bedroom. With the concept of minimalist children’s rooms, we are challenged to use our brain to think of how to make up the attic to a beautiful room.

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Selecting the furniture
First, choose the furniture that does not fill up the place so the kids will still get the space for them to play in their own room. Invite them to come and see the attic and listen to their ideas; it is intended to make them feel comfortable and suitable to use their new room later. The beds could use a separate crib with a study desk and closet, but this is certainly going to take more space to fill the rest, or by choosing a bed that connected with the closet and the desk. The concept is the same with bunk bed, but the difference is the part for the bottom bed substituted by the closet. You can choose from two, the horizontal or vertical one. If your kids do not really like to sleep in the top bed, choose the horizontal one.

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Pay attention to the lighting
Second, pay attention to the lighting. The window should be facing the east to add the lighting to the room beside the lamp which has been put in the room. The function of it is for minimized the use of the lamp in the daytime. Remember that the attic is darker than another room because we could not place many windows there, unlike the other room in the house. Choose the big windows and use the curtain which not blocks the sunlight in the daytime.

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As we can see above, if we have a little creativity the attic could be turned into the modern and minimalist room which still good to be use. In this modern era, many types of bedroom furniture had been made to be fitted into rooms that have a small space, and this will help you who want to replace the unused attic to a beautiful room for your kids.

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