Simple Bathroom for Simple You

Health is one of the important things in human life. Most people spend their money for their health. People want to be healthy in every single time. To get healthy body they eat healthy food, drink healthy water, and doing exercise. It is better to keep the body healthy than to heal the body from illness.

One thing that some people forget is the cleanness of the body can affect the health of the body. Cleaning our body is very important for us. If we are not cleaning our body then the bacteria and viruses can visit our body which will make us ill. We clean our body or some people call it as take a bath in bathroom. For those who are so busy and do not have much time to clean the body, simple bathroom is the solution for simple person like you. Here are some tips to have a simple bathroom.

Cozy Ceramic Wall Tiles in Modern Simple Bathroom Simple Bathroom for Simple You

Corner Bath Tub in Creative White Bathroom Design Simple Bathroom for Simple You

1.  Simple things
Put simple things in your bathroom like shower, toilet, mirror and washbasin. In simple bathroom use shower to wash your body instead of bathtub because bathtub needs more space than shower. Though you are a simple person, you still need mirror to spruce you up. You also need washbasin to clean your hands. Your simple bathroom will not need a lot of space. Do not forget to put dustbin in your simple bathroom.

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Inspirational White and Green Bathroom Interior Simple Bathroom for Simple You

Fancy Purple and White Bathroom Interior Colors Simple Bathroom for Simple You

2.  Simple decoration
Simple decoration is suitable for simple bathroom. You can use fiberglass or curtain to separate your shower from toilet and washbasin. If you use curtain, choose a curtain which fabric is waterproof or made of plastics. You can pick white color for your bathroom wall. White color will make your simple bathroom looks cleaner and brighter. You can add small plant or flower near your washbasin to give life in your bathroom.

Simple Bathroom Design with Impressive Floor Simple Bathroom for Simple You

Modest Fancy Brown and White Wood Bathroom Simple Bathroom for Simple You

Modest Bathroom Interior with Glass Doors Simple Bathroom for Simple You

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