Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

One parts of the each house that must have a kitchen. For every house need this part, cause it essential for a place to process the food that you have. But happen if you just have small area of the kitchen? that’s became the problem if you just had a small area. There the simple tips for you to use that small area efficiently.

Utilize incorporated dining room – if you really don’t have space for the kitchen remodel your dining room to give storages and made some space for eating. This also made a friendly atmosphere to your quest if they stay in your house.

Modern Small Kitchen Design Ideas with Dark Cabinets Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

Luxury Wood Small Kitchen Islands Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

Concept the theme – make a concept with simple looks that can bring the small area through it potential. Priority the function of furniture first, to made a clear concept choose the stuff careful to bring an optimal use of that equipment. The easiest way is use multipurpose furniture such as a cabinet with had hand wash or mini refrigerator. Organize display tools like knife or pan in the place that easy to pick but not in children reach such as made a cabinet included the knife rack. Use ceiling mounted pot rack to keep pans and pot storage prefer use pot rack that has multipurpose which can also use for lights that integrate into four corner rack.

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Luxury Traditional White Small Kitchen Decor Ideas Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

Light Green Cabinet in Simple Wood Kitchen Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

Combine the material of the wood and steel for exterior – by combining wood and steel element of your furniture, you will have an interesting well-seen modern looks with natural element in it.

Arrange carefully the stuff – made stuff orderly to give a space for people or you to pass. This will for a way of people to seen or pass the room more freely.
Put the mirror – put the mirror in the empty space of wall to give an expanse look. By put the mirror also made the light spread to other area.

Modern White Small Kitchen with Round Table Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

Wood Flooring in Clean Small Kitchen Designs Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

Soft Yellow Wood Cabinets in Small Kitchen Design Simple Compose for Small Kitchen

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