Simple Designing Tips for Small Bathroom

Not everyone is lucky enough to have spacious bathroom. Some people must deal with the fact that they only have limited space for the bathroom. Nevertheless, it does not mean that those with small bathroom will find it irritating. As long as they are capable enough to do several tricks, small bathroom will turn into a roomy one.

It’s The Lighting!
Do you want to know the first recipe for designing small bathroom? Yes, the lighting! How light your entire bathroom will affect the ‘size’; not the real size but the impression you will get each time you enter it. Lighting refers to two things: the chosen color and the lighting from lamp or/and sunlight. Make sure you have enough lighting for the bathroom since it will make your bathroom look bigger than its actual size. Choose light colors for the wall painting, floor ceramics, and other elements of the bathroom; such as pink, yellow, blue, orange, red, etc. Avoid the dark colors because they bring the narrower notion.

Warm White Bathroom Design in Classic Decoration Simple Designing Tips for Small Bathroom

In addition, you will also need to install good lamp to light the whole room. If you want to have natural light, make certain space which enables the sunlight comes into the room.

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Modern White Bathroom Design with Corner Shower Simple Designing Tips for Small Bathroom

Elegant Brown Wall Tiles in Modern Bathroom Interior Design Simple Designing Tips for Small Bathroom

Besides the lighting, there are still many things you can do in order that your small room will look bigger. Below are some of them:
– Minimize the furniture and accessories, because they will limit the space available for you to move in the bathroom. Put only the compact multi-purpose furniture and simple but beneficial accessories.
– Add mirrors. Believe it or not, the existence of mirror can create the illusion of bigger bathroom. The frameless is much better.
– Large pattern. If you want to bring patterns into the small bathroom, choose the ones in large size.

White and Blue Tubs in Modern Kids Bathroom Simple Designing Tips for Small Bathroom

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