Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

To make your house looks more attractive, you need to keep it clean. You can start by cleaning the furniture. It not hard to clean furniture but if you do it wrong, you will ruin everything. All you need to clean the furniture correctly is a little tips and tricks. However, before you start doing the furniture cleaning, you might need several tools to help you.

White and Clean Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

Tools to Clean Furniture
To clean furniture you might need the following things. First, you will need a vacuum cleaner. It is the fastest way to clean your furniture with no effort at all. You only need to set the vacuum on the medium or high power and all dirt, bugs, and tiny particles will be sucked into the vacuum machine. However, vacuum cleaner can’t clean stain and spot, that’s why you will need cloth and soap water. Use cloth and soap water to clean the stain and rub with a little power until the stain removed. You don’t need to wash the entire furniture just apply the water and the soap in the stain and spot only. However, if the stain is hard to remove, you may need brush. Take a toothbrush and use it to brush the stain. Do it gently and brush it several times with soap water. You may also use vinegar to clean the stain. After the dirt and stain are removed, use clean cloth to dry it.

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Cleaning Dusting Living Room Furniture Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

Cleaning Brown Living Room Leather Sofa Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

Women Cleaning Living Room Sofa Sets Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

Preparation to Clean the Furniture
However, before you clean the furniture, you need to do preparation. Bring out the furniture to outside, preferably a shaded place with little wind. Before you start cleaning the furniture with detergent, test it first to a hidden part of the furniture and see if the detergent damages the paint or the veneer, if not, you may continue with the cleaning process and dry it under the shade.

Awesome Living Room in Clean and Modern Style Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

Clean Living Room Design in Italian Designs Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

Large and Clean Family Room Furniture and Decoration Simple Steps to Clean Home Furniture

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