Small and Beautiful Garden

Utilizing the Rest of Land
When you buy a house, though it’s small usually it still leaves the free space which still can be utilized according to your wish. The one that is usually sparked when having the open space in your house is to make a garden, which although small it can create the peace and make the media of stress release when looking at it.

Purple Plants in Beautiful Small Garden Ideas Small and Beautiful Garden

Beautiful Minimalist Small Garden Landscapes Small and Beautiful Garden

The Steps to Make Small Garden
To get a beautiful garden that remains to be in tune with the condition around the home then the steps to be taken are as follows:
1. The land area
When starting to plan the making of small park, you must understand the width of open space that you have. Thus you can calculate the exact area of park which you want to make by concerning the other functions from your land for example for the road access or the required space for drying the clothes.
2. Location of the garden
Determine the angle you want, whether you want the park in the form of horizontal or vertical upwards, measuring the length and width carefully. Make sure the acceptance of sunlight needed for the growth and survival of your plants, so that at the end you can feel comfortable when enjoying it.
3. Types of plants
Inventory of the types of ornamental plants that you want, and make sure the plants suitability to the type of soil in your home to ensure the plants that you buy can survive in the long term.
4. Arrangement of Plant
In line with the search of the desired plants, then it needs to start to be made the picture how the plants will be arranged later. Surely it must be considered about the height of the plants and the potential of the development. Place the plant that will not grow higher in the front side and which can grow high in the back.

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Simple Classic Small Garden in Backyard Small and Beautiful Garden

Rattan Lounge Chairs in Small Garden Ideas Small and Beautiful Garden

The composition of colors is essential thing so that your small park can be seen beautiful. Besides its plants, usually there are accessories that want to be installed in the park, such as rocks, given the fence, or the decorations from pottery. Thus it must be arranged carefully to make the optimal composition.

White Classic House with Green Beautiful Small Garden Small and Beautiful Garden

Small Garden Design for Family Gathering Small and Beautiful Garden

Small Garden Backyard in Asian Styles Small and Beautiful Garden

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