Small Living Room with Character

Minimalist tiny living room
The living room is a reflection of the homeowner. When guests come to visit, it will be able to assess the character of the house owner through his living room arrangement. It is from the matter of cleanliness, neat or not, until the color combinations and the selection of a combination between the furniture.

Long Corner Brown Sofa in Small Living Room Small Living Room with Character

Creative Wall Art in Wood Small Living Room Small Living Room with Character

Not to mention in decorating the living room, you should pay attention to the dimension of its space, its size, so the furniture is installed has a fitting comparison with comprehensive living room you have. And the owner of a small house, on this one should be more attention for their small living room. Therefore a living room should be laid out carefully. The designers give the interesting compositions to be observed which you can get through the website or interior magazines that are circulating.

Small Living Room with Colorful Couch Small Living Room with Character

Retro Small Living Room in Warm Decoration Small Living Room with Character

Tips of furniture and its arrangement
Of the many proposals in various media, here are the basic things that generally must be met in setting the furniture of small living room of your house.
1.  Choose furniture which is minimalist and light to fill your small living room. If you want to use the sofa, you can choose which is without legs, sleek glass table and hang your television in the wall to give more space. Align the paint color of your home as well as the perspective of the housing so that it can bring the atmosphere pleasing to the eye. The use of minimalist furniture will help give the wider impression of your living room.
2.  Minimalist and lightweight surely must directly proportional to the strength of the furniture that you choose. Choose products that are reliable, that might be a little more expensive but has a longer service life.
3.  In order that the living room reflects the personality of your family, make the theme of the furniture that you want to install. Whether you want it looks elegant with the soft colors, or wants to look cheerful by choosing bright colors. Of course the form of furniture will also help the character selection.
4.  And certainly do not crowd your living room with unnecessary items. Small living room does not need too much decoration that will make it look narrower.

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Wood Fireplace Design in Small Living Room Small Living Room with Character

WHite Modern Small Living Room and Kitchen Small Living Room with Character

Urban Small Living Room with Loft Artrwork Small Living Room with Character

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