How to Make Waterproof Bathroom

Moisture and water is common thing that you can find on your bathroom. However, they are also the factor that will give you lot of problem. Moisture will trigger mold growth and the water is the main cause of accident that happens in your bathroom. For the solution, you need to make your bathroom become the waterproof bathroom.

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The Floor
First thing that you need to modify is your bathroom floor. Do not use common bathroom tile. The bathroom tile will keep the water and moisture inside your bathroom. The best floor that you can use would be Wonder board. You also can use Wonder board for your bathroom wall. The Wonder board is waterproof and anti-moisture flooring product for all room. So, installing this product will automatically solve your problems. However, this is not enough. You also need to cover your floor with linoleum. This layer will keep the water on top of your floor and make it really waterproof. Then, you also need to use silicone caulk on all seams that connect your floor to wall, furniture and other. This is important to do because it prevents water run into the seam that can make the mold grow. You also can cover your wall with waterproof wallpaper or paint like latex finish.

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The Moisture
The moisture is also floating in your bathroom air. So, to solve this problem, you need to install good ventilation system in your bathroom. Fan would be a good tool that you can use to remove the moisture out of your bathroom. And of course, you also need to clean your bathroom regularly. With this you can create bathroom that free from moisture, water and mold. And, you also can save more money and time for your bathroom maintenance. Now, your bathroom is ready and you can relax and have comfortable and cozy time in it.

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